The Resident Cats

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At the beginning of July 2017, we adopted two kittens (Floki & Siggi) and the day after we brought them home, we heard a little mewing coming from the crawlspace under our house. A four-week-old kitten announced she was living there after hearing the noise of our two new ones. After a quick trapping and a rush to the vet's office before they closed for the day, Freyja became the first unexpected and unplanned rescue at the farm!

Today, she's a shy but healthy cat who loves her kitten brothers Floki and Siggi as well as her big brothers Donner, Blitzen, and Furlo.


This big boy made his appearance on the farm as 1 and a half year old stray in September 2018. After a couple of weeks of hanging around the farm, we took him to our vet for a check up and chip scan. No chip, so we scheduled him to be neutered and made him an official member of the farm. He now lives the life of luxury as a barn cat (he's not an indoorsy cat) with his girlfriend, Koshka.

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Our pretty ginger girl was rescued at Kings Mountain National Military Park in January 2019 by one of the staff who had hoped to make her a part of their family. But when that wasn't a good fit, the family wanted to ensure she ended up somewhere safe. We took her in, got her spayed, and she became our sweet but feisty Koshka. And very quickly, she and Trapper became inseparable.


When we moved to our new farm in WV, we saw Koshka the princess become Koshka the tough-as-nails barn cat alongside her beau. We're pretty sure she's now the main mouser at the barn!


This sweet girl has been through a lot. Living as a stray for several months outside Cowpens National Battlefield, staff knew she needed to find a home and receive some medical care. On a late April 2019 day when Lonnie was picking Vanessa up from work, the magic words "Okay, load her in the car" were said.

Gilly had a bad infection in her gums and mouth that needed to be addressed immediately. Estimated to be about 8 years old at the time, she also needed to be spayed. She underwent surgery and had all but five teeth in the front pulled as well as her spay, all done successfully and she fully recovered.

Today, she's still just as sweet though a little more drooly. And lack of teeth doesn't stop her from being one of the best mousers in the house. She has no desire to be a barn cat and we happily let her enjoy her life as a spoiled house cat.

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Our first (and probably not last) failed foster! Reka was found by a friend in early August 2019 after he was dumped in a river in a trash bag. A common occurrence for unwanted kittens in her area, she reached out to us and some other mutual friends to see if anyone could take in this four-week-old lone survivor. One of our friends agreed to take him but couldn't come get him for several weeks. We offered to foster him, get him his starter vaccines, and care for him until she was ready.

And we failed. Instead, he captured our hearts. Shortly after we took him in, he developed a nasty upper respiratory infection that threatened his life. After several days at the vet's, they said not much else could be done. He'd either survive or he wouldn't. We brought him home and Vanessa laid in bed with him for several days, showering him with love and affection to keep him as comfortable as possible.

Already a survivor once over, he beat the odds again and recovered with no lasting issues! Today, he's a chunky little devil who delights in torturing his feline family members.


Another walk-up stray at the farm, she found the ducks way too interesting to not keep making an appearance over the course of several days in mid-September 2019. When she decided she wanted to stay, we couldn't say no to this six-month-old playful, fiery little Viking cat. Vaccines and a spay later, she became a great playmate for Reka once he was healthy enough to be around other cats again. 

Today, she's a plump little sweetie who still shows her sass. She has so many similar body structures and markings to Freyja, we often wonder if they're related. They certainly fight like sisters sometimes (though nothing beyond growling and brief chases). Torvi's favorite spot in the house is as close to the lit woodstove as possible.

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Cherokee (now Callie)

Her story is an emotional one but has the happiest of endings. In October 2019, Cherokee made her appearance at Cowpens National Battlefield with a severe tail injury. Vanessa made plans to capture her - she was friendly but shy - when she disappeared again. Rumor was a neighbor of the park's picked her up, and we hoped all was well. But when she reappeared again in mid-November with her tail in worse condition, we snagged her right away.


A trip to the vet's resulted in emergency surgery to remove the tattered, infected portion of her tail. Her recovery was slow but steady, with pain management being a primary concern. It was obvious that she had been in pain for a long time before we got her. She also had to be on a special diet as her body adjusted to life back inside. We also found that she didn't not like a loud environment and preferred the company of people to other cats. And in our crazy household, we weren't sure what Cherokee's future held.

Then Vanessa's grandmother, who had a love for Siamese and Tonkinese cats, reached out to us after hearing about our sweet Cherokee. Her own cat had recently passed away and the other cat in the household wasn't the cuddling kind. So arrangements were made and she adopted Cherokee in January 2020! Renamed Callie (middle name Cherokee), our first adoptee has slowly settled into her new home and has the most loving new owner. We miss her but she is in the best place for her!