The Resident Roosters

Roosters are some of the most discarded or abandoned chickens, because on most farms they aren't as useful as a hen who lays eggs. They also tend to be more aggressive (though not always). We have made it part of our mission to do our best to provide a home for unwanted roosters should the need arise to do so. This is partly because of the love we had for our own unexpected and unplanned rescue roosters mentioned below.

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In late April 2018, we rescued a group of five baby chickens, in a variety of states of health. We were expecting one or two to not last long but we gave it our all to save them. Of those five chickens, four were roosters! Amy, the only hen of the bunch, eventually integrated with the rest of our (purchased) flock of girls.


Our unexpected acquiring of roosters meant we had to make adjustments because all of them wouldn't be able to live safely and happily with our small flock of girls. Since we don't eat meat, these bachelors would need their own space. 

Jersey - the first of the baby chickens to crow, he grew quickly and became the dominant rooster. Because of this, we integrated him into our main flock of girls to serve as a protector. While dumb as a box of rocks, he does a fabulous job at alerting the girls of danger as well as when there's a delicious worm ripe for the picking.

Red - we didn't Red would make it. He was lethargic, missing feathers, eyes gunked up, and just looked a wreck. We spent a harrowing couple of days cleaning him and giving him drops of water filling with electrolytes. And sure enough, he bounced back and turned into a beautiful Rhode Island Red rooster (though still likely a slight mix of breeds). He became a little aggressive at one point so we used our tried-and-true method of picking him up every time he attacked to train him to be friendlier. Sadly, in April of 2020, Red passed away. We mourn his loss and are grateful to have been able to provide him as happy a life as we could manage.

Randal - from the beginning, Randal was an oddball. If ever there was a backyard mix, it was him. All his body parts seemed to belong to a different chicken, and sometimes we questioned if he was part emu or something. Tiny head, long and thick legs, and mediocre coloring. He was also the slowest to mature. We weren't even convinced he was a rooster for the first year of his life! But when he finally fully matured (a late bloomer, for sure!), he sure was handsome. A dedicated protector of both the hens and his brothers, he sadly passed away less than a week after his brother Red. We were heartbroken but like Red, we remain grateful we gave this oddball a chance at a happy life.

Kevin - was quickly the biggest jerk of the bunch. We spent months working to correct behavior safely (for both him and us) by picking him up every time he went to attack. Eventually, he became the friendliest of the roosters and the easiest to catch. Today, he has the biggest personality! But with the death of his brothers Red and Randal, he began to exhibit signs of loneliness. So we purchased a new flock of pullets (young hens) in the spring of 2020 that will become his own flock.