The Resident Horse

Just one right now!



Our unicorn horse (okay, he's a Paso Fino but his white coloring an graceful head make him look like a unicorn) first arrived at our farm as a temporary tenant in late September 2017. Coco's owners, the Masons, were looking for a place to board their horse as they had just moved to the area. The Masons had raised then 18-year-0ld Coco from a young horse and loved/still love him dearly. Unfortunately, they fell on harder and harder financial times and a year after he first arrived, they made the selfless decision to give him over to someone who could handle his increasing medical needs. We promised them he'd never lack care and we would love him as much as they do.

Coco was overweight but has done well slimming down, though he's prone to laminitis and requires regular hoof care to combat it, as well as monitored grazing and feeding. He's an incredibly intelligent horse, loves little kids, and gentle with all creatures small and fragile. His best friend is Bender the goat and is terrified of Cordelia the pig.