We want to make a distinction between our sanctuary residents and our other animals. This ensures that our donations go to the care of those animals that would likely not have made it without our involvement. Some of our earlier animals, like the six cats we started out with, will remain our sole responsibility. But many of the animals we've taken in since moving to our farm either showed up at our doorstep (some quite literally) or were rescued from shelters because their survival depended on it. Many were animals we didn't necessarily seek out or intend to add to the farm. But we are so grateful to be the permanent home for each and every one of them!

Click on the picture below to learn more about our sanctuary residents and their individual stories.

What about the chickens (hens) and ducks? Where are their bios?? We did not include separate bio pages for our hens or ducks because except for one (Amy, who you can read about on the Roosters page) were purchased specifically as pets for us. We hope to eventually have room to rescue more birds who truly need homes - and when we do, they'll be featured here as well!