Cordelia is our first, and currently only, resident pig. She is a heritage breed Tamworth pig and her story is actually a happy one! She was raised from a 10-week old piglet at Henricus Historical Park, a living history farm depicting life in early Colonial America. She was a well cared for member of their farm family, as well as an extremely valuable part of their interpretation team telling the story of 17th century Virginia life. They gave her pasture, shelter, food, snacks, and attention galore.

As she and their operation grew, the park recognized that there were needs she would soon need that they may not be able to meet. Topping the scales at 625 pounds and nearing her mature age of 5 years old, the park staff knew she was going to need more space and increased medical care (especially as she aged). They made the tough and selfless decision to find her a new home that would care for her as much as they did. 

The park reached out to us and we immediately said yes. She moved to the farm in April of 2020 and she has settled in wonderfully. Plans are currently in place to build an additional enclosure in the wooded area behind her pen in order to add to her mental enrichment (logs and bugs and mud, oh my!). 

Check out this video of Cordelia getting a new enrichment feature to her enclosure!

Donations can be made directly for the care of Cordelia through our PayPal account and adding "Cordelia" in the notes of the donation. We will ensure those funds go to feed, treats, and care for this sweet girl!