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Happy National Pig Day!

It’s March 1, 2024, and that means it's National Pig Day! Here are some awesome facts about pigs:


  • They are highly intelligent, ranking 3rd behind apes and dolphins.

  • Pigs can dream like humans do.

  • They have poor eyesight but have very powerful noses.

  • They don’t have sweat glands.

  •  Pigs are naturally clean and wallow in mud purely to keep cool on hot days (and it’s fun!); they also go to the bathroom in areas separate from their sleeping and eating places.

  • They can run up to 11 miles per hour.

  • Pigs can squeal or scream up to 130 decibels; in comparison, a jet engine is 120 decibels.

Vanessa with her heart pig, Max (full name Maxwell Klinger)

(L to R): Lucy, Ethel, & Charles (full name Charles Emerson Winchester, the Pig)

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