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In Memoriam: Del

We'd like to start posting short blog posts about those we inevitably lose. Having the space to remember and memorialize our residents isn't a fun thing, but one that can hopefully be cathartic to us and educational at the same time.

Our first In Memoriam post is for Del, who passed away on February 12, 2024.

Del arrived at the sanctuary around Thanksgiving a few years ago with his brother, Neal. Given originally as an Easter gift, we were contacted when their family realized they could no longer keep them. As meat rabbit breeds, they don't necessarily live very long, but we have strived since day one to provide them the best life possible.

Though neither were/are super cuddly rabbits, and hence why they don’t get featured on our social media often, Del was by far the friendlier one and always up for saying hello (especially when food was presented). He is already very missed in our routine and in our lives as a whole. We'll treasure our time with Neal as much as possible too.

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