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In Memoriam: Delia

This In Memoriam post is a tough one for me (Vanessa). Delia and I bonded very quickly when she first arrived, and I was with her nearly every moment throughout her final days. Delia came to the sanctuary back in November 2023, as a sickly kitten roughly 2 months old. Likely a half-sibling to our previous rescues from the same location, Mac and Cheese, we diligently brought her back to health, though she was also a little sickly.

She was a quiet, calm kitten, who loved nothing more than napping on the warm, heated floor or even better, my lap/chest/arms.

After dealing with a consistent upper respiratory infection that began to worsen, coupled with an underlying health issue likely in her kidneys as well as a weakened immune system, she passed away in Vanessa's arms in the early morning hours of February 14, 2024. She was laid to rest on our farm and is missed beyond measure every single day.

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