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In Memoriam: Spock

On Friday, March 22, 2024, Spock, the coolest little rooster at the sanctuary passed away peacefully.

Spock arrived at the sanctuary in August of 2020 as part of a larger flock of 12 other chickens and two guineas. He was always a spunky little rooster, giving attitude to any other rooster no matter their size. But he was also an incredibly attentive rooster to the hens, always making sure they got the good bites of any food he found, tested out the good nesting areas, and keeping a sharp eye on everyone.

Over the past year, Spock's age was starting to catch up with him and slow him down, so we moved him into a smaller area with some of his girls and no other roosters to get fussy with. He thrived in the new environment, and we got plenty more time with him. Passing peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his girls was the best we could have hoped for.

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