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Meet Me Monday: Bee

Today’s Meet Me Monday is Bee!

Bee is a 19-year-old thoroughbred mare who joined the sanctuary family exactly one year ago today. She is and was very loved by her previous owners, Amy and Wayne. Due to personal medical issues, they began looking for a safe place for her to call a forever home.

Bee was rescued by her previous owners from a neglect case, and was eventually trained in dressage. As formidable athletes, Bee and Amy set to conquer the competition. But after years of success, something started to be a little off with Bee. It was discovered that she had bone spurs on vertebrae in her neck, which meant even basic riding was causing her extreme pain.

And so Bee was retired and set to live her life as a beloved pasture pet. But companion horses like Bee can be difficult to find homes for. Amy and Wayne didn’t want her to end up anywhere but the best, loving, permanent home for Bee to live out the rest of her days.

Thankfully, the stars aligned and we can’t believe it’s been a whole year since Bee’s arrival. Though Amy passed away a month after Bee arrived, we see the love she poured into Bee every day here at the sanctuary. We are truly honored carry on that torch of affection and care for Bee!

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