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Meet Me Monday: Cowboy & His Girls

Cowboy the rooster and his flock of 10 girls arrived at the sanctuary earlier this year at the beginning of June. A local couple were looking to find a new home for their flock of older birds. They came to us with varying stages of feather loss, which we couldn't find a reason for, but most have filled out with feathers nicely the past five months (though a few have been going through a fall molt).

Cowboy and some of his girls the first day after their arrival at the sanctuary.

While Cowboy came with a name, the girls did not, so we're officially introducing to them with today's Meet Me Monday. Most of them are still fairly standoffish, but tolerate our existence into their enclosure as long as we bring treats! We decided to name the girls after towns in Wyoming.

Cowboy may not have many tail feathers at the moment, but he’s still handsome!

Opal is probably the friendliest of the group.

Alpine in particular has grown in so many feathers since she arrived!

Kirby is probably the second friendliest of the girls, always checking for food!

She may be skittish & going through a big molt right now, but Piney never misses a meal.

Laramie may not let you touch her but she’ll almost take a treat out of your hand.

We’re pretty sure Guernsey is Cowboy’s main girl, as she’s never far from him.

Lastly, there's Afton and Casper, who are the most shy and skittish of people. Honestly, it's a miracle we even got a picture of Casper, as she's the first to run away when we approach.

That's okay that they keep to their own selves, as we have no expectations of this flock. We just want them happy and healthy, and they're doing pretty good on that front!

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