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Meet Me Monday: Kana

(Note: apparently the auto-scheduler didn't post this on Monday, so here it is finally posting to the blog on Wednesday!)

At the end of August, 2022, we took in a single lonesome chick with the beginnings of splayed leg and having trouble walking. We had had raised chicks before, but never a single. Turns out, singles are a LOT more needy. But it was worth it, because eventually this little one was able to walk perfectly normal.

We named the baby chick Kana, meaning chicken in Estonian. Kana joined Lonnie on lots of road trip adventures, especially when Vanessa needed to work. As we mentioned before, single chicks can be very needy! And Kana made sure to complain at full volume whenever one of us wasn’t in sight.

A black and white chick pokes his head out of the vest of the man carrying him
Mama has a baby! He enjoyed being carried around in Lonnie’s vest

Eventually, our little Kana grew into a big, handsome rooster! He now lives outside with his own flock, but still makes time to visit with his human mama and papa when we’re outside with him. Despite his human, in house upbringing, he is an overall good rooster, keeping an eye out for predators, letting his girls know where food is and tolerating other roosters.

An orange, red, and black rooster stands in profile in tall grass, looking off to the right
Kana turned one year old in August 2023 and he’s as handsome as ever

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