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Meet Me Monday: Leela

Today's Meet Me Monday is Leela! Leela is a very special goat who is deserving of all the best things life can offer. She is our oldest goat at just over 13 years old. She is also the last remaining goat of our original three rescue goats back in 2017.

Before she came to the sanctuary, she was used for breeding and milk until she suffered a leg injury and couldn't keep up. She came to us incredibly skinny, limping in pain, and struggling. We worked hard over those next handful of months to get her proper vet care and medication, building up her weight, and letting her know she would never have to suffer again.

Her final babies were born at the sanctuary, and she's even helped us raise bottle baby goats. Formerly the herd matriarch, she now resides in the small field directly behind the house (with the smallest and youngest goats of the herd) so we can keep a close eye on her every day.

Her body has slowed down over the past year or so, and we know her time with us is nearing its end. We've got her on arthritis meds and supplements, and we're spoiling her every chance we get, while we’re embracing all the moments we can. She’ll let us know when she’s ready but she’s enjoying her old lady retirement life now.

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