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Meet Me Monday: Luke

Today’s Meet Me Monday is Luke! One of our biggest goats, and possibly the biggest, is Luke. He was born at the sanctuary in March 2019 alongside his twin, Leia, to their mama Leela.

Luke is a lucky one because he has only known love and safety his whole life by being been born here. He got to be raised by his mother, who never had the chance to raise her own kids at the goat dairy farm we rescued her from. The only “bad” day he had was when he was castrated, because I’m pretty sure none of the boys found that fun.

Despite his large size and intimidating looks, Luke is a big softie! He loves a good scratching on his horns, and will greedily eat any treat from your hand. His gentle nature makes him a joy to be around. We love our big lug!

Photo montage of Luke consuming a leek:

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