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Meet Me Monday: Pixie

Today’s Meet Me Monday feature is Pixie! Pixie joined the sanctuary this past May and we’re featuring her because she has made some amazing strides since her arrival.

Pixie arrived as a one-year-old former resident of the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, Virginia. Shortly before then, she suffered some sort of injury to her back right leg. A vet visit didn’t reveal too many answers but they didn’t recommend amputation and instead to give it time to heal.

But the wonderful caretakers at the museum were concerned with her having a quality outdoor life if she had such an injury so they started looking for a home for her, hence her admission to the farm here! Since she was already spayed and has already seen a vet for her leg, our main goal the past six months have been letting this happen essentially feral girl settle into indoor life.

And my goodness, has she settled in well! Though she doesn’t like us touching her, she hangs out with us in the kitchen and living room. She’s also very attuned to the feeding and treat schedules, never missing a meal or snack. Her leg causes her no issues, and she’s even putting more weight on it than when she first arrived. She has bonded with our sweet simple boy, Doc, and loves playing with all the kittens in the house.

We do hope one day she’ll actually snuggle up with us, but one of our purposes in this work is to not ask anything of our residents they don’t want to give (barring significant medical needs). Time and patience has already let her become a playful, curious cat and we’ll give her as much as needs. So as long as she’s healthy and happy, we’re okay if she still stares at us like we’re insane.

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