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Meet Me Monday: Popeye

One of our smallest goats (she's technically tied with another goat for the title of Smallest Goat at the Sanctuary) is our Meet Me Monday feature: Popeye!

Almost 5 years ago, Popeye wandered onto her former owner’s property one day to hang out with their horse and just never left. But she brought something special with her and in February 2020, she gave birth to Patty and Pootie. By October 2020, her owner was moving and unable to take the three of them with her. If she couldn’t find them a home, they would have gone to a sale barn, which she desperately didn’t want. When she reached out to us, we immediately said yes!

And so in late October, Popeye, Patty, and Pootie joined the sanctuary. Popeye was about 4 years old at the time, with Patty and Pootie almost 9 months old. But Popeye once again had a little surprise - and so did Patty. As they were master escape artists (still are), at one point during their escapes, they both became pregnant. We had not only saved 3 lives, but an additional five! In February 2021, Popeye and Patty had their babies. Popeye's three kids we named Orion (boy), Radegast aka Roddy (boy), and Zorya (girl). They all still live as one big family today!

At one point in her previous life, Popeye lost her right eye, though it doesn't cause her any issues today. We do try to use extra caution not to startle her if we're approaching her on her blind side though. She's a very shy goat, not liking being handled or touched, but she doesn't mind our presence, especially when we bring food!

Despite her small stature, Popeye is a spunky, tough gal. Now with the passing of Leela, she is the oldest goat at the sanctuary at approximately 8 years old.

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