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The Toughest of News

This is an incredibly difficult blog post to make. The circle of life continues here at the sanctuary, and this time it’s another downward side of the cycle. Blitzen, one of the original cats that Six Paws was named for, has oral cancer.

We had noticed swelling on the left side of his face but sometimes it went down, so we assumed it was something like an abscess or inflammation due to having no teeth and stemming from his previous gum issues. But the last couple of weeks it has stayed consistently swollen, so we took Blitzen to a vet appointment on Friday and it confirmed our worst fear.

Unfortunately, treatment options are limited and none have good success rates. Because of the location in his upper jaw, surgery isn’t really possible. Even if it was, it’s highly likely to return and quickly. This type of cancer also doesn’t respond well to radiation/chemo.

The vet sent him home with steroids to try to ease his pain, increase his appetite, and overall make him comfortable. He’ll have a follow up in about a week to look for any marked improvement, and we’ll be able to get a sense of quality and potential length of life moving forward.

So as Blitzen enters hospice care, our instructions are to keep him comfortable, fed, hydrated, and let him live the best life he can for as long as he has, whatever that time is. Lonnie raised Blitzen from just a few weeks old when he was found on the side of the road back in October 2013.

To say we’re struggling is an understatement. Blitzen predates our sanctuary, and has a goofy personality that can’t be missed by any who meet him. We will be embracing every moment we have left. Please keep us and Blitzen in your thoughts

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