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The Twin Are Blossoming

I haven't updated lately because life has been crazy! I have taken a temporary assignment away from the Farm, to Greensboro, NC, and I've been here about four weeks now. That means the twins are six weeks old TODAY!! They are growing too fast! Bruce, the bigger twin, is a goofball and a dummy (he's not the brightest....) while Beasley, though smaller, is smart and adventurous. Beasley is easily the snuggler while Bruce just wants to play.

Here's a video from the other day that shows them exploring with the big goats:

They are still sleeping in the house and currently being slowly weaned off their bottle as they eat more and more solid food. Once they're fully weaned, they'll be introduced full time to the field with the rest of the goats.

Just wanted to give that little update on our little guys... I'm now settled into my temporary assignment so hopefully I'll be updating this blog more regularly. Stay tuned!


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