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Top Essential Oils for Healthy Chickens

We have eight hens, four roosters, and two ducks at the Farm, who we spoil beyond belief. We’re officially crazy chicken ladies (yep, even my husband) and we know that healthy, happy chickens should lay some pretty tasty eggs. And while we don’t eat our chickens, we know that other people do - so naturally, healthy & happy chickens make for tasting eating too.

Though there are multiple oils that are beneficial for poultry, the first one I tried was Oregano oil.

Diluting oregano oil in their water can help maintain their immune system and fight off infections so I give it to our flock regularly. I ensure they have plain water too just in case, but they seem to love their oregano-infused water as much as the plain.

The dilution ratio we use is 1 drop of Oregano oil for every 2 gallons of water – though since we give them water in 5 gallon waterers, it’s usually 2 drops per 5 gallons.

I also gave our baby chicks Oregano oil too, but you have to be careful about the dilution ratio since the chicks are more sensitive. When we rescued five tiny 2-day old chicks, both my husband and I weren’t sure they were going to make it. I took a toothpick tip, dipped it ever-so-slightly into the Oregano oil, and touched the tip of the toothpick into a quart-sized waterer for the babies. We both believe that helped in their eventual recovery, though it was only one piece in a breath-holding couple of days of effort!

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