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2023 Hay Fundraiser

Our Herd Needs Heroes

For as little as $15, you can be that hero and feed our entire herd their hay for a day

Winter can be especially tough on older or smaller animals, or animals that aren’t at the peak of health. The heat of summer can be just as tough, but winter like here in West Virginia has the added struggle of limited vegetation to graze on.

So we have to make sure to order enough hay to get our herd through the winter. It’s particularly important for our older and smaller goats as they need hay ruminating in their bellies not just to keep them full, but to keep them warm as well.


We’ve added a few extra mouths since our last hay fundraiser, so our total hay bill for this fall and winter (October-March) is $2500, a whopping sum for a small sanctuary like ours, but worth every penny to keep our animals safe, healthy, and fed through winter. We’re hoping to raise all the funds by the end of October, so the hay we’ve secured through verbal agreement can officially be purchased in time to make it ours.

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