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Tips for a Safe, Secure Space for Your Poultry

Everyone wants to ensure their flock has a safe and secure place to live. Please know that material known as "chicken wire" is NOT predator proof and should NOT be used alone if you’re wanting to protect your birds from predators of all shapes and sizes. Any determined predator will be able to tear through chicken wire.

What IS a more appropriate wire material to cover a chicken/duck run or coop is called hardware cloth, in the third photo. It’s more expensive but it’s far more effective at keeping predators from getting inside to your birds.

Many DIY structures come with chicken wire since it’s a cheaper material. And because chicken wire is included in kits like these, many people mistaken believe it’s secure enough to keep their birds safe. It’s not until they learn the hard way that it’s not. So we encourage you to do research on materials and to go ahead and spend those extra dollars to feel more confident in the safety of your beloved birds.

Here are a few useful links that go into even more detail to help you have a great, safe, secure space for your birds:

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