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Tuxedo Stray Update: Welcome Mr. Darcy!

Updated: Apr 21

Update on our stray male tuxedo intake! We’ve named him Mr. Darcy and he is just as sweet as ever. We grew concerned over the first couple of days about his foot, thinking it was broken. So, we managed to get an earlier vet appointment this past Thursday.

And boy did it turn out to be a big day for him! First off, his foot is NOT broken, but did have some significant wounds on the bottom and side, which the vet cleaned and wrapped. Second, his eye is likely an issue relating to his third eyelid and possibly an ulcer it’s getting adhered to. He’s got some eye drops to try to decrease the swelling and we’ll know more if and when that takes effect. It’s also possibly a chronic issue. Worst case scenario he may need to lose his eye, best case is he looks a little wonky but otherwise is totally fine. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Third and the biggest news is that Darcy was neutered at his appointment! They needed to sedate him to fully investigate his foot and get clear X-rays, plus he had to be on the same medication for his foot as for neuter recovery anyway, so they asked if we wanted to go ahead with the surgery. We absolutely agreed, especially since it’ll mean he can join the rest of the household and then get adopted sooner. It was a pricey visit but worth it to get this handsome guy on the path to a better life.

And the best news is that because he's doing so well so far with his recovery, plus just being the sweetest, good boy ever, we think he's a prime adoption candidate. We really want him adopted out to a home where he can get all the one-on-one attention he deserves. He's done well with other cats, and we think he'll continue to do well especially when he's back to fully health. But this boy needs a person to call his own. Could that be you??

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