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New Intake Alert: Stray Tuxedo To Be Named

We made it into April before our next intake! Our neighbor contacted us about a very sweet stray male cat with an eye and foot injury, and asked if there was any chance we could take him in. Well y’all know us so after a quick discussion we said yes.

This tuxedo guy is indeed very, very sweet. He’s intact so we’ll be looking to get him neutered the moment he’s healthy enough! The foot injury seems to be an abscess on his back right foot, and we can tell it’s causing him a significant amount of pain. The eye looks like an ulcer, but he’s being touchy with that too.

We’re starting him on some meds we have on hand, and we’ll be calling our vet on Monday to see about getting him checked out. Thankfully he is stable enough that we don’t think an emergency vet appointment is necessary but if he takes a turn before the vet can see him, of course we’ll do right by him.

Currently trying to think of names for this guy as we learn his personality. We’ll likely give our Patreon members first stab at it, once we learn more about him of course 😉

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