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New Resident Intake: Lily!

On Sunday, March 23, we went to pick up our latest new resident. A Great Pyrenees female was picked up by our local county animal control just over a week ago, alongside another dog. Because they were found on a very rural dead end back road in the county alongside several large piles of dog food, they figured she and the other dog had been dumped.

The first photos we saw of her took our breath away, and not in a good way.

We reached out immediately asking how we could help.

“She’s going to take a lot of resources - she’s too skinny to be spayed yet, and she’s obviously been overbred.” Our local animal control officers are amazing and caring people, but they don’t always have the resources for a case like this.

“Could you pull her under your rescue after her 5-day stray hold is up?” YES.

And so we went and picked up this sweet Great Pyrenees female, ironically on Lonnie's birthday.

We’ll now shoulder the responsibility to get her weight back up, get her all the medical care she needs (including a spay surgery so she never has to have puppies again), and help her recover from everything she’s been through.

This is our number one priority with her: help her get healthy and stable, settled and secure in knowing she’ll never want for anything again. She may join Bock out with the herd as a livestock guardian dog, she may be part house dog, part farm dog like Augie. That’ll be decided by her with time and patience.

Please help us welcome our newest resident to the sanctuary: Lily!

We’ll be fundraising for her medical care soon, but for now just send healthy and healing thoughts her way!

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